Andrew Gajadhar

Years of experience: 18

Position: Co-Owner/President

Christian Manganelli

Years of experience: 20

Position: Co-Owner/ President


Your personal account manager is available to handle any need, from routine updates to custom account modifications and social media networking.                       

Our Staff

Front end

We combine stunning images and videos with an intuitive user interface to create a dynamic product that upholds the best of industry standards.                        


Professional writers, editors, photographers, and film makers work to create content that engage readers and viewers by drawing them ever deeper into your desired vision.                      

Back end

Not only do our clients get optimum quality of service, but our company is a proud member of the community that humbly allows our clients to stay within their respective budget.                       

Imagine a world where your desired manifestation is enhanced beyond your wildest imagination with unparalleled clarity. The talented directors, producers, cinematographers, writers and developers on our staff spend every waking hour perfecting the fluid exchange between our clients' vision and their entreated audience.

Our Strength

Faith Creech

Years of experience: 15

Position: Co-Owner/President

Our Vision